About The Rockin' R

The Rockin' R Ranch... A Touch of the Old West! The Rockin' R was born on a cool October weekend in '88 when the Randall family gathered atop of a hill on the outskirts of the family establishment. This weekend brought the family together to construct a log cabin in the woods. The sole purpose of this cabin was to provide an escape for the family members though it was located on the back "40" of their homestead.

In the midst of the building process, the leader of "the gang" looked out over the horizon and saw his boyhood dream before his eyes! In his mind, this man saw buildings, horses, stagecoaches, and carriages scurrying through the busy streets of what is now known as "Sliverville, USA". What a perfect getaway for families he thought! It was at that moment, The Rockin' R was becoming a reality.

The following spring, construction was underway and the first building was erected! This building is now known as the strip mall of Sliverville! It contains the showerhouse, gift shop, guest registration, arcade, and the all new Gunshot Gallery! Later on in the season, The Tack Shop was built and is now used to store the stables' saddles and bridles which are used for the horses. In the years to follow, the infamous High Noon Saloon was built, along with The General Store, campsites, Tepees, and cabins! Finally... An arena and new living quarters for the livestock was put into place! Each year this unique fellow comes up with a new idea to keep the townfolk guessing and the passers-thru coming back!

The Rockin' R started out as just a boys dream... That boy grew up to be a man who followed his dream... This man is a truly unique character... and I'm proud to call him "Dad"!